Incorporated on August 16, 2006, CAMAR KLASIK SDN BHD is the supplier of QUANTUM BATTERY, a new line of lead acid and maintenance free batteries that comes in various types and sizes for amongst others, automotives, telecommunications and marine industries.

QUANTUM BATTERY is carefully studied and designed by our experts to meet the stringent requirements of automotives industries. CAMAR KLASIK SDN BHD aims to secure more business opportunities in the future in our efforts to be more competitive and meet the challenges of modern businesses.

Our operational policy is designed to ensure that we provide products of the highest quality by employing the top people in the industry and utilising the finest equipments to provide the best for our customers.

CAMAR KLASIK SDN BHD is currently in the business of assembling heavy duty lead acid batteries for commercial vehicles.

Effective August 2007, the company has taken initiatives to start the assembling process for selected batteries that include commercial vehicles such as busses, tankers, lorries as well as cement mixers, etc. The range of heavy duty batteries that we currently have includes the N70Z/L, N120, N150, W25/W27, N100 and N200.

While we acknowledge the growing demand for these type of batteries, our obligation is to meet our client´s expectations and we will ensure that the quality of our products is well maintained. We are confident that we will be able to provide the best in quality as we have a team of experienced personnel in the organisation.

We are also in the midst of identifying some other selected products to assemble based on demand and its availability in the market. This includes normal lead acid batteries for private vehicles.

Camar Klasik Sdn Bhd is presently distributing and marketing all types of batteries for automotives, telecommunications and marines industries as well as other industries that require batteries.

For automotive industries, our products include NS40ZL, NS60, NS70, N150, DIN66, DIN88 and W25 to name a few. These batteries are designed for various types of vehicles such as cars, lorries, busses, trucks, tankers, etc from various car makers such as Proton, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Man, Tata, etc.

There are however, other type of batteries which is scarcely available in the market such as CV17.

To meet the demand of our customers for this type of batteries mainly used by ambulance and other Korean made vehicles, Camar Klasik is taking the initiative of assembling them.


To become a leading in battery manufacturing industry.

To wholly manufacture and assemble all the component parts to ensure quality control and cost effectiveness.


WE are committed to the development of a well-trained, dynamic, systematic and motivated workforce.

WE are committed to the development of sustainable, constructive and innovative in-house technology.

WE are committed to the creation of brand name recognition through market driven initiatives.

WE shall be a dedicated company by maximising social responsibilities through profitability.

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